Is There Any Juice Left After the Coinbase Listing? – Crypto Recorder

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Ever since Coinbase announced Ethereum Classic as one of the currencies being tested for an official listing on one of the biggest exchanges in the market, Ethereum Classic headed upwards with gains, consequently trending up.

Even the team behind ETC seemed to have adopted the enthusiasm brought by the announcement and later on by having Ethereum Classic officially listed on Coinbase, casting a new light on the general development of ETC as a valuable blockchain-based project.

Now that the doors of one of the greatest exchanges are wide open for submissions, and the hype is starting to wear off, is there any juice left in Ethereum Classic after the Coinbase listing?

Post Coinbase Listing: What Can We Expect from Ethereum Now?

Even though the cryptos, at least the majority of top cryptocurrencies, took an upward turn towards collecting more or less major gains in oppose to the previously bearish market, the negative trends are returning.

Now that ETC went down the road of declines going below the price of 10$ it appears that everyone is wondering what is next for Ethereum Classic after the Coinbase listing.

The listing on one of the greatest and most popular exchanges provided the crypto with a significant boost against the market, also making ETC a more popular asset among the investors.

The team then announced some improvements in form of Sharding for scaling the network to enable faster transactions, as well as announcing that the network will also be focusing on Dapp development, much like its mother chain, Ethereum (ETH).

Moreover, the team also stated that Ethereum Classic is entering the IoT race, which made ETC sound even more promising.

Regardless of the effort, ETC is still dropping.

Internet of Things Plans Might Boost the Adoption of ETC

Even though ETC is dropping on all charts, only having around 4.5% of gains collected midst the mass rebound period that started on November 1st, not all hope is lost for ETC.

Ethereum Classic team still has a lot of work before establishing Ethereum Classic as a currency with promising use cases, and this could be “easily” once the network becomes fully compatible with the Internet of Things, which could place ETC at a flattering position in the time to come, far from being “juiced”.


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