Monday, September 16

4,32% of Monero was mined by malware

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According to a report published by two researchers from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and King’s College London, Monero is the most popular cryptocurrency among cyber-criminals and estimates over 4.32 per cent of all monero in circulation has been mined illegally, slightly less than previously expected.
The researchers admitted that roughly 2,218 malware campaigns took place, accumulating roughly 720,000 XMR, equivalent to $57 million. One such campaign which is still ongoing has managed to net 163,000 XMR to date.
It was reported earlier by ForkLog that KingMiner, a Monero-Mining malware, targets specifically Windows Servers. The malware was first seen in mid-June 2018, and was rapidly followed by the deployment of two improved versions. The attacker employs various evasion techniques to bypass emulation and detection methods, and, as a result, several detection engines have noted significantly reduced detection rates. Based on our analysis of sensor logs, there is a steady rise in the number of KingMiner attack attempts.


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