LTC Foundation and Partnerships – Driving Litecoin Education

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Litecoin (LTC) is embarking on new developments and partnerships, including the appointment of four new advisors at the helm of the Litecoin Foundation, to drive awareness and education on the value of the cryptocurrency.

“As we push for mainstream adoption, it makes sense to partner with a festival that is comprised of people who bring new ideas and visions to the world through the content they create, and one we can grow with through the years. ” says the creator of LTC, Charlie Lee.

The Litecoin Foundatio is a nonprofit organization aimed at advancing Litecoin for the good of society by developing and promoting state of the art blockchain technology, has added 4 new advisors to the team, bringing people from around the globe to promote the cryptocurrency. With the new additions, the Litecoin Foundation continues to be an important institution in the Litecoin Community.

David Schwartz, Project Director of the foundation, announced Luiza Palma, Jonha Richman, Kyle Tekiela (Common Enemy) and Blake Rizzo join the likes of Charlie Lee and Xinxi Wong as members of the foundation.

Kyle Tekiela, an Emmy Award winner and Co-Founder of Common Enemy brings his years of experience in the entertainment industry to help boost the promotion of Litecoin.

Female blockchain pacesetter, Jonha Richman also joins the Litecoin Foundation with admirable expertise in marketing. Jonha has helped several blockchain projects including ICOs and STOs to reach their target audience through partnerships and growth hacking.

Blake Rizzo is a Security Token Offering (STOs) and Blockchain Attorney who will serve as a Legal Adviser of the Litecoin Foundation. He has over 21 years of extensive legal experience in commercial law with special focus on the Fintech space.

Luiza Cristina Palma is an award-winning advocate for inclusion of women in tech development.  She received the award of “Iconic Women Creating a Better World For All” from the Women Economic Forum in 2017.

Further to adding 4 new members to its advisory board with the aim to drive adoption and awareness of  Litecoin, the company has recently locked significant parnterships.

Litecoin has become the first cryptocurrency sponsorship of UFC 232. There were several goals we looked to achieve from this sponsorship, including driving awareness, tapping into the UFC’s fervent worldwide community, and taking the critical first steps towards what we hope will be an evolving and fruitful relationship with this globally recognized brand.

World renown UFC announcer, Bruce Buffer, roared “Take Control of Your Money and Pay With Litecoin!” in front of the sellout crowd of 15,862 gathered at the Los Angeles Forum in January 2019.

Litecoin has also partnered with Bob Moore Auto Group, integrating LTC as form of payment. Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin, shared the news on Twitter:

Litecoin is also forming partnerships in the entertainment industry, becoming a new sponsor for the 2nd annual Mammoth Film Festival™. The festival, which debuted in 2017, was deemed “the biggest first year film festival ever organized.

“As we push for mainstream adoption, it makes sense to partner with a festival that is comprised of people who bring new ideas and visions to the world through the content they create, and one we can grow with through the years. ” said Charlie Lee.

Tanner Beard, President of Mammoth Film Festival summed it up nicely by saying, “As we establish ourselves as a new festival in an already dense market, it makes a great deal of sense for us to throw the old pattern away. We feel it’s important to look forward in an ever-changing landscape of not just film and television, but in the worlds of tech, virtual reality, social media and currency. The Litecoin Foundation is an organization that fits right in with all those ideas.”

In the journey to make Litecoin mainstream, the company has briefly disclosed the development of Confidential Transactions (CT). Creator Charlie Lee has mentioned CT previously in presentations and his interest in the technology as a comprehensive and safe solution to the fungibility problem, something he sees as the final hurdle for cryptocurrencies to be ‘sound money’.

While it’s not complete privacy, when spending coins parties no longer would have insights into how much the other owns, something very valuable for individual security as well as business operations.


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