Samsung SDS unveils blockchain platform accelerator

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Samsung SDS said on Feb. 14 that it has developed its own blockchain accelerator technology compatible with IBM‘s open source platform for enterprises.

During the IBM Think conference held in San Francisco, Samsung SDS introduced Nexledger Accelerator, which can improve the function of Hyperledger Fabric, IBM’s business blockchain framework. 


Nexledger is a blockchain platform designed to provide an integrated solution to businesses looking to reduce expenses while managing digital financial transactions and data exchange.

Samsung SDS said it will share Nexledger Accelerator’s technology road map and testing kit in GitHub, the world’s leading software development platform, to allow easy access to outside developers. 

The Korean company, a member of the Hyperledger Alliance formed by IBM, said it will expand collaboration with the US tech behemoth in blockchain technology development.

Samsung SDS posted 13.3 trillion won (US$11.80 billion) in sales in 2018, becoming the nation’s first IT service provider to exceed the 10 trillion won threshold.

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