Litecoin {LTC} price prediction 2019; investors expect major surge in November

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In accordance with the candlestick chart linked to the LTC/USD pair on tradingview [based on the data obtained from the Bitfinex Exchange], this major digital currency [commonly regarded as “Silver 2.0” within the ecosystem]was firstly impacted by sellers in the morning, but has since being swayed as a result of buyers stepping up to seize control.

A new level of resistance was established near the $64.090 mark, and support lies adjacent to 47.331. The peaks tied to the Awesome Oscillator all bore the green shade [in the aftermath of 24th October]which points towards the weight exerted as a result of incoming bullish pressure which has already begun impacting the altcoin.

From 25th October onwards, the MACD line ventured over the signal line, and has since drifted further apart. This has led to the formation of a green histogram which was erected atop the zero line. The daily RSI [for 14 periods]is at 52.55 which indicates that Litecoin is currently at the neutral zone and a strong rush or drop is required to bring $LTC towards either one of the extremities.

The Litecoin Summit [slated to occur in Las Vegas, Nevada]will kick-off tomorrow. Have you booked your tickets yet? This may contribute to a fresher bull-run which has the potential to help $LTC shoot up towards $90 and beyond. Bobby Lee who recently unveiled the Ballet wallet will also be present as a keynote speaker.

Litecoin is ranked at #5 below Tether in the market. The trading volume recorded stands at approximately $4.22 billion, while the supply has 63,551,529 LTC coins involved as part of circulation. The total market cap of Litecoin is $3.664 billion. The price rose at a rate of 2.02% in the course of the past 24-hours; this, in turn, led to LTC heading all the way up to the $57.66 mark where it presently rests.


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